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Total Earth Care is Australia's leading environmental consulting, rehabilitation and construction company which offers a complete range of services tailored to suit the needs and scale of your project.

We will provide all of your planning, management and on-ground solutions!

Completed Projects

Environmental Consulting

Our Consulting team provides professional services to a broad spectrum of clients.

Our client base includes private landowners, government departments, environmental consultancy and project management firms, civil contractors, large corporations and non-government stakeholder groups.

We often work collaboratively on many projects with our Ecological Restoration, and Environmental Rehabilitation and Construction teams, ensuring that all provided recommendations are practical and achievable on-ground.

This gives us a unique edge in comparison to our competitors.

Environmental Rehabilitation and Construction

As an industry leader, Total Earth Care specialises in constructed wetlands and urban stream rehabilitation works with incomparable experience in large-scale riparian zone restoration projects.

Our Environmental Rehabilitation and Construction team is made up of professional project managers, trained technicians and experienced machine operators, equipped with extensive hands-on experience across a variety of construction projects.

Our projects are produced with a clear focus on ecological conservation and environmental awareness.

Plants & Trees Planted

Ecological Restoration

As an industry leader, Total Earth Care has been actively involved in pioneering changes to bushland management and estuary, wetland & riparian management with the primary focus on improving biodiversity for more than 30 years.

Total Earth Care is considered an industry innovator and educator for soil seed bank translocation and direct seeding methods. Our sites are often used by TAFE for educational purposes.

Earth Feed

We're passionate about the environment and our teams share their experiences of being connected with the land via earth feed and social media.