Soil Seed Bank Translocation

Client: Narabang Constructions, from Belrose to Ingleside

Total Earth Care has been at the forefront of soil seed bank translocations within Sydney since 1995. These resulted in the production of Soil Seedbank Translocation protocols that are now the industry standard. 

Total Earth Care

Total Earth Care prepared a Soil Seed Bank Translocation and Weed Management Plan for an area of Duffys Forest Endangered Ecological Community as part of a DA requirement. The soil seed bank was translocated from Belrose to a recipient site in Ingleside (adjacent to Mona Vale Road).

The translocation of the soil seed bank was successfully undertaken by Total Earth Care in 2011 and is successfully regenerating.

The site is now self-sustaining, has little to no weeds, and is developing a diverse layer of all three strata.

Total Earth Care collaborated with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Threatened Species Unit in undertaking scientific trials to establish Soil Translocation Protocols which are still considered the world’s best practice. 

The site also frequently visited by TAFE students as part of their course.

Total Earth Care continued to monitor the site for five years following the translocation. Additional monitoring of the site was undertaken in 2019 using the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) to compare the vegetation condition of the recipient site to a reference site adjacent to the recipient site. Despite the recipient site still developing a canopy layer, it ranked highly for the site’s vegetation composition and structure when compared to the established reference site.

The soil seed bank translocation recipient site now offers good nesting habitat for small bird species and during flowering season, good foraging for nectarivorous bird species. The thick ground layer provides good shelter for bandicoot species and termite mounds on-site provide nesting habitat for the Rosenberg’s Goanna known to the locality and associated with the Duffy’s Forest EEC. It has the potential to provide a habitat for arboreal mammals and hollow dependent fauna once the canopy develops and hollows begin to form.

For more information about this project, contact our Environmental Consulting Project Manager Gillian Teear.

We provide the following services relevant to soil seed bank translocation:

Environmental Consulting Division – Soil seed bank translocation plan preparation and monitoring.

Environmental Rehabilitation & Construction Division – Undertake the soil seed bank translocation.

Ecological Restoration Division – Conduct pre and post translocation weed management.

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