Our Commitments

Total Earth Care's work principles embody a philosophy of protecting Australia's ecosystems and conserving and reusing its natural, manufactured, and cultural resources. Our philosophy is integral to the development and implementation of proven and innovative management strategies that provide a positive contribution to Australian communities and mitigate against adverse environmental impacts.

Total Earth Care will ensure that this philosophy permeates the work of our team through continuous education, training, project planning, and review.

Total Earth Care is committed to the following:

  • Protection of Australia's ecosystems.
  • Reducing our negative carbon footprint and aiming to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Identification, protection and management of threatened species, populations and endangered ecological communities.
  • Protection of genetic diversity of native flora through the retention and creation of native habitat and by collecting provenance-specific plant propagules for revegetation.
  • Maximising opportunities for re-use, reduction, and recycling of resources on-ground and in the office environment.
  • Use of naturally occurring and 'soft engineering' solutions to civil construction.
  • Implementation of rigorous site management controls to eliminate pollution and comply with Government standards and industry protocols.
  • Implementation of rigorous site hygiene protocols to control and reduce cross-site contamination and prevent the spread of new pests, diseases, or weeds between sites such as Chytrid Fungus and Phytophthora. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Regularly cleaning and servicing of all vehicles, field gear, equipment and tools;
    • The use of disinfectant solutions on clothing, shoes, and equipment; and
    • Minimising the handling of flora and fauna in the field.
  • Fulfilling our general biosecurity duty by implementing biosecurity management protocols to contain, report, eradicate or minimise the impacts of any new pests, diseases or weeds found as according to the Biosecurity Act 2015.
  • Responsible and sensitive use of herbicides in accordance with the Pesticides Act 1999, Pesticides Regulation 2017, and Integrated Pest Management as part of our Best Practice.
  • Minimising the use of natural, manufactured and cultural resources in the carrying out of business activities whilst maximising reuse of these resources.
  • Prioritisation of utilising sustainable resources.
  • Continual improvement of Total Earth Care’s environmental and sustainability performance by regularly reviewing resources used against resources recycled and all Total Earth Care’s environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements applicable to Total Earth Care operations (detailed in Total Earth Care’s Environmental Management System).
  • Public accountability for Total Earth Care’s operations.

Our Climate Emergency Offset Committment

We are committed to offsetting our negative carbon footprint by planting trees.

Are you our current or potential future client? If so, then please get in contact to find out if we can PLANT TREES for you or your community/organisation completely FOR FREE!

Would you like to find out more? Email us today!


Negative Carbon Offset

Our GM, Penny McGahey, and Total Earth Care’s Bush Regeneration team are planting 175 native trees completely FOR FREE for Woollahra Council as part of our Negative Carbon Footprint Offset commitment to become the first private environmental planning, management, and on-ground solutions company that is aiming to become completely carbon neutral! We hope we will inspire and encourage others in the industry and beyond to follow in our footsteps. A big thank you goes to Woollahra Council for helping us protect the natural environment of the Sydney region.

Total Earth Care is currently tracking the following:

Carbon Neutral - We are pledging to offset our Negative Carbon Footprint produced by our fleet of vehicles and machinery and our personal travel to and from work by planting trees that Total Earth Care donates & plants for FREE!

Solar Panels on the roof of Total Earth Care Offices

Green Energy – Total Earth Care's offices are now using solar-generated electricity! A portion of our unused green energy is being sold back to the grid. We are also aiming to invest in Solar Batteries in the very near future so we can go completely off the grid.

Waste Recycling  - We are aiming to recycle 100% of our waste. We have a number of recycling facilities including for: compost, paper, soft plastic, hard plastics, glass, tin, aluminium, vegetation and fabrics such as old clothes and towels.

  • We are also aiming to reduce waste generated through our everyday activities, for example, we now only use loose leaf tea, as tea bags are often sealed with non-biodegradable polypropylene.
  • We have removed office desk bins and instead, we encourage our staff to regularly move (which is also a health benefit when sitting for prolonged hours) and walk to the recycling station set up in the common area (the following is recycled - food waste, soft plastic, hard plastic, paper packaging, etc.).
  • Recycling of all used batteries and car batteries and whenever possible using rechargeable batteries.
  • Recycling of Ink Cartridges via Close the Loop (in cases where printing and the use of office paper are necessary). Also, our printer supplier certifies to CarbonZero Standard.
  • Recycling of waste oil and recycling of old tyres.
  • Recycling of metal and car parts.
  • Recycling and the reuse of planting pots and trays.
  • Recycling of all old phones, tablets, PCs and other IT hardware through MobileMuster.

    We are applying to become B Corp Certified!

B Corporation Application - Total Earth Care is currently applying to become a B Corp Certified company. B Corporation certification of "social and environmental performance" is a private certification of for-profit companies, distinct from the legal designation as a Benefit Corporation.

Sustainable & Circular Construction - Promoting the use of recycled materials across the company and re-using of demolition waste in environmental construction whenever possible.

Fuel Reduction – Purchasing of modern fuel-efficient cars, travelling shorter distances whenever possible, working from home & using Zoom for meetings. In the future, our aim is to start purchasing electric vehicles that can be powered by Clean Energy.

Carpooling, cycling, walking and the use of public transport is widely encouraged.

Native fauna rescue through Sydney Wildlife Rescue. Our ecologists are encouraged and compensated for wildlife rescue, for non-for-profit organisations, performed during work hours!

Ethical Investing - Our Superfund only invests in green and ethical shares.

Saying NO to Modern Slavery - we perform thorough research when engaging suppliers to make sure that the materials supplied are free of modern slavery.

Water Use Reduction - Monitoring and assessing company-wide water use on a quarterly basis (incl. the use of standpipes).

Search Engine that plants trees!

Paper Use Reduction - all project, accounting, quality management, and WHS documentation is 100% digital. All 'in field' documentation is accessed, edited & signed via company Tablets and Phones. No printing is required. We have reduced our paper usage exponentially.

Integrated Pest Management principles - More than 90% of the herbicides we use are non-residual with a bioactive constituent. We only implement the safe and legal use of appropriate herbicides, combined with the use of Integrated Pest Management principles.

Ethical Search Engine - Total Earth Care uses Ecosia which is a search engine where the income generated from searches is used to plant trees!

Ongoing environmental education and awareness amongst all of our employees, sub-contractors, clients, suppliers and public.

Community Support and Sponsorship.

The Total Earth Care Community Responsibility Philosophy

Total Earth Care’s management recognises that it is uniquely placed to direct a positive environmental effect through community involvement and education as well as by effective management of its own systems. Where such an opportunity presents itself Total Earth Care will accept the responsibility.

Where an opportunity to provide or assist with community education arises Total Earth Care will:

  • Assist in the development and training of volunteer networks.
  • Foster the public understanding of environmental and cultural heritage issues through education.
  • Recognise the primary role of Aboriginal communities in the management of their cultural heritage and the importance of aiding their involvement through consultation and employment.
  • Recognise and assist in the fundamental role that local communities can play in the management of urban bushland.

The declaration of Total Earth Care’s Climate Emergency was also possible thanks to the collaboration with Mik Aidt from climateemergencydeclaration.org.