Geographic Information Systems

We are experienced in all facets of GIS, from the capture and manipulation of spatial data, to the analysis and output of high quality maps.

We have comprehensive knowledge of co-ordinate systems and data, including experience in the integration of spatial and attribute data in varying formats. Total Earth Care uses the most up-to-date high resolution NearMap aerial imagery and has access to historical imagery.

Total Earth Care uses both the ArcMap and QGIS software suites and can provide datasets in MapInfo format should this be required.

Our team members have experience designing and running GIS training sessions in both ArcMap and QGIS.

We are also BAM Accredited Assessors,

What Do We Offer?

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Prior to any development it is important to know exactly what vegetation community is present on site, in order to identify any constraints such as Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs). Our Consulting Division conducts on ground assessments using GPS to stratify the present vegetation into industry standard Plant Community Types (PCTs) for the production of high quality maps. Vegetation mapping can be used in the planning phase of developments and is critical for Management Plans and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).

All landholders have a responsibility to control weeds on their property under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015. Before weed control can be conducted, weed mapping is important to identify priority areas to efficiently direct resources and funds. Our Consulting Division conducts surveys to identify exotic species including those that are listed as priority weeds in the region or Weeds of National Significance (WoNS). Weed densities are recorded using GPS and high quality maps are produced. Weed mapping is also vital when assessing threats to threatened species, ecological communities and their associated habitat, to be incorporated into management plans.

The conservation of threatened species is of key importance. Total Earth Care's Consulting Division has extensive experience in conducting targeted species searches for both flora and fauna. As part of these surveys, potential habitat is mapped taking into account a variety of factors which contribute to habitat including, but not limited to, suitable soil type, geological form of the landscape and present vegetation communities. The locations of any identified species and areas of suitable habitat are captured using GPS and high quality maps are produced.

As part of Pre-feasibility Assessments, Environmental Constraints Analysis and Preliminary Environmental Assessments/ Investigations (PEAs/ PEIs) our Consulting Division can conduct constraints modelling taking into account mapped vegetation communities, known locations of threatened species and geological constraints identified during surveys, including rocky outcrops and drainage lines and the known locations of heritage items. Total Earth Care can provide maps indicating key areas of opportunity and/ or avoidance, during the planning phase resulting in a more efficient and cost effective development process.

Our team members have experience in preparing and conducting training in ArcGIS and QGIS. Contact us for a free quote if you want assistance up-skilling your team!

Geographic Information Systems

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