Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management

Total Earth Care has extensive experience in Aboriginal cultural heritage management for both public and private sector clients.

Oliver Brown is one of the most experienced archaeologists and Aboriginal cultural heritage management consultants in NSW, having completed hundreds of projects in over twenty years in the profession. 

He has worked with Total Earth Care in that role for fifteen years (and way before that worked as a bush regenerator at the company's inception). 

What Do We Offer?

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The initial stage of Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment for most development or land management work is usually due diligence advice.

This can involve anything from a brief desktop study (or even just advice over the phone) to full reporting based on detailed archaeological survey intended to contribute to further assessment requirements.

For self-assessing authorities like Councils, NPWS and some infrastructure organisations, due diligence also essentially mirrors the requirements of an REF (which Total Earth Care can package with the ecological assessment).

Our approach is to tailor advice specifically to your requirements based on twenty years' experience of delivering efficient and effective outcomes.

An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (and Archaeological Report) is a formally prescribed type of study undertaken when proposed development work will require an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit.

This often involves archaeological test excavation, always requires effective Aboriginal community consultation, and must lead to reporting suitable for rigorous review by Heritage NSW.

We have worked on nearly a hundred of these reports over the last twenty years and know how to achieve the best outcomes for proponents, Aboriginal community stakeholders, and government.

Large scale land management (such as with National Parks, Local Government Areas, large multi-stage developments, or infrastructure projects) best navigates Aboriginal cultural heritage issues with a good over-arching plan in place.

The sooner and better significant places are assessed, the better they can be managed, balancing desired development outcomes with required conservation aims.

Our approach is to strategise so that the right assessment and reporting is done at the right time, is done once only, and is done in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We specialise in Aboriginal cultural heritage management within the NSW legislative framework.

Most of our work has been in the Sydney Basin (especially coastal sandstone country), Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Riverina and the Central, South and North Coasts. This has led to the development of strong consultative relationships with Aboriginal stakeholder groups in these areas.

Particular areas of expertise include archaeological survey, artefact distribution modelling, the management of Aboriginal shell middens and working cooperatively with Aboriginal community groups. Our modelling methods and experience allow us to better assess the distribution of Aboriginal sites (with less excavation and therefore at less cost) leading to more efficient and effective management outcomes.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management

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