Revegetation & Habitat Creation

Total Earth Care was founded in 1991 when two young professionals envisioned a way to use their skills and passion to make a difference. Throughout our 30 years of operation, we have ensured that the preservation and restoration of our natural areas are always at the forefront. We will not make compromises at the detriment of our natural environment. We have been achieving this through:

  • Large-scale Revegetation Projects (native tree planting and bush revegetation);
  • Habitat Creation;
  • Soil Seed Bank Translocation;
  • Integrated Bush Fire Management.

We have established educational partnerships with our clients and advocate for environmental sustainability in all that we do.

Large-scale REVEGETATION projects

A good example of a large-scale revegetation project is our project in partnership with Penrith City Council which has been shortlisted for an Australian Construction Award 2020 in the category "Regeneration Project of the Year".

This project is part of "Cooling the City Strategy - Green Cover Brings Cool Change". Total Earth Care's awarded project consists of transforming various council-owned turfed areas into bushland by establishing 96,000 trees & shrubs.

The mass planting aims not only to increase the diversity of flora and fauna in the city but also the green cover to create new cooling islands throughout South Penrith to provide much-needed shade in the suburb and make its open spaces more appealing for both people and native fauna.

To read more about this project click here.



Our team of ecologists has extensive experience preparing Nest Box Management Plans, constructing and installing nest boxes, and conducting ongoing monitoring.

A good example of habitat creation is the install of Eastern Pygmy-possum Next Boxes and Microbat Boxes for Northern Beaches Council at Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge. To find out more about this project click here.

Also, you can click here to view more Nest Box Case Studies.

Habitat Creation


Total Earth Care is considered an industry innovator and educator for the soil seed bank translocation method.

Our sites are considered one of the best soil seed bank translocations examples and are frequently visited by TAFE for educational purposes.

These sites are self-sustaining, have little to no weeds, and tend to develop a diverse layer of all three strata.

A great example of a soil seed bank translocation project conducted by all three divisions of Total Earth Care can be found here.

Soil Translocation


The extent and intensity of the 2019 - 2020 bush fire season was unprecedented with approximately 5.4 million hectares burnt, equating to 7% of NSW.

The impact was catastrophic with thousands of homes and buildings destroyed, and many lives lost. The bush fires also had a significant impact on our biodiversity with estimates indicating that the habitat of 293 threatened animals and 680 threatened plants were impacted.

A number of these species have very small distributions and so the bush fires could lead to the loss of these species entirely.

It is key that bush fire management is conducted to reduce bush fire risk in the future!

For example, prior to burning, we consider it a priority to prepare the site in a manner that will protect sensitive features such as hollow-bearing trees.