The Ecological Restoration Experts

As an industry leader, Total Earth Care has been actively involved in pioneering changes to bushland management and estuary, wetland & riparian management with the primary focus on improving biodiversity.

Total Earth Care is considered an industry innovator and educator for soil seed bank translocation and direct seeding methods. Our sites are often used by TAFE for educational purposes.

We have also been in the forefront of developing industry standards for natural resource management services, reporting and much more.

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We pride ourselves on applying current, best-practice regeneration methods to provide our clients with quality on-ground results at a competitive price.

William Thurston, Ecological Restoration, Divisional Head

Our services include:

What Do We Offer?

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  • Bush Regeneration
  • Large and Small Scale Revegetation Management
  • Weed and Pest Management
  • Tree Planting Projects
  • Habitat Management (creation, enhancement and maintenance)
  • Fauna and Flora Management
  • Implementation of Vegetation Management Plan
  • Erosion and Slope Stabilisation Works

Ecological Restoration

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For further information about our Ecological Restoration Services please contact William Thurston on 02 9913 1432 or email him by clicking below:

William Thurston

Divisional Head