Your One-Stop Environmental Shop

My name is Penny McGahey and I am the General Manager of Total Earth Care.

Did you know that we can be your one-stop environmental shop that will provide all of your environmental planning, management, and on-ground solutions?

If not, please let me introduce to you our main areas of works which include environmental consulting, environmental construction and rehabilitation, and ecological restoration.

Our team is experienced in assisting clients in the planning stages of their project with the focus on outcomes which are both ecological and economical.

We have 30 years of experience in the industry so all of our recommendations are practical and achievable on-ground!

Our consultants receive first-hand technical advice and guidance from in-house ecological restoration and construction experts and senior bush regenerators whenever required.

Engage Total Earth Care TODAY for ANY or ALL stages of your project and we will guarantee you a cost-effective best practice solution!

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